Below is a list of 35 articles written by Peter Henderson and published by Food in Canada magazine

Preparing for a new normal (post Covid 19) (May 2020)

Sip on this: Starbucks’ resource-positive commitment may be a new norm (Feb 2020)

Want to be part of a game change?  (Sept 2019)

Bold Action Required - Canada's food and beverage processors urgently need a national ecosystem Superfund for scale-up, research and innovation (June 2019)


Would Canada benefit from a ministry of food and drink? (May 2019)


Imagine:  The World Action Institute for one Planetary Food Ecosystem (Apr 2019)

Re-balancing product mix and enhancing data management, with health and climate change in mind (Feb 2019)


Vital business reasons to start reducing your products' life cycle GHG emissions (Dec 2018)

Seven Fs for inspiring breakthrough innovations (May 2018)

Starting rocket ships to growth (Feb 2018)

Team trust, brainpower and profit (Dec 2017)

The value of health and well-being programs (Oct 2017)

Whole Foods and "The Amazon Effect"(Sept 2017)

Revisiting the tipping point to product transparency (Aug 2017)

10 humanized dimensions of innovation and brand building (Jun 2017)

Humanizing checklist of successful entrepreneurs (Apr 2017)

The potential impact of environmental sustainability mandates (Mar 2017)

What is the product transparency tipping point? (Feb 2017)

9 reasons why innovations fail (Dec 2016)

The human side of innovation (Oct 2016)

Stuck in a growth rut? (Sept 2016)

Nurturing sustainable growth (Aug 2016)

How is food evangelism reshaping your corporate strategies? (Jun 2016)

Will B Corps become the new norm, and more profitable than non-B Corps? (May 2016)

Industry-led co-operation and collaboration can pay remarkable dividends (Apr 2016)

Ideas can drive breakthrough innovation (Mar 2016)

Eco-food will be more than a mega-trend - PART 2 (Feb 2016)

Eco-food will be more than a mega-trend - PART 1 (Dec 2015)

Eliminate data exfiltration and improve employee performance (Oct 2015)

Innovation prowess with purpose (Sept 2015)

Unleashing your innovation potential - PART 2 (Aug 2015)

Unleashing your innovation potential - PART 1 (Jun 2015)

Revisiting Tom Peters’ from “Innovate or Die” to “Innovation is Fun” (May 2015)

How to build and maintain a high-performance workforce (Apr 2015)

3 keys to unlocking sustainable business growth (Mar 2015)

Collaboration can be a key ingredient for success (Feb 2015)

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