We help our clients dig deeper and develop ground-breaking strategies to solve complex business growth challenges in a changing world.

We specialize in designing brand platforms for multiple-stakeholders, and disruptive brands. We focus entirely on the food ecosystem from agriculture through foodservice and retailer businesses and their respective input suppliers or stakeholders including packaging, financial services, clean tech / eco-solution providers, ICT & digital-tech, researchers, government and sustainability stakeholders.

Clients span the food chain ecosystem, from farm organizations, manufacturers, distributors, food service chains, retailers, innovation centers, clean-tech companies to governments and public-private-partnerships.

Ideovation was founded in 2011 by Peter Henderson.

Examples of Ideovation's work are: 

  • Currently Advisor, connector and matchmaker for the Bioenterprise FoodShift Program - enabling 30+ Ontario F&B manufacturers to benefit by adopting GHG-reducing clean technologies. 

  • Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) / Réseau canadien d’innovation en alimentation (RCIA) - Sept 2020 to Feb 2022: Ideovation developed branding, marketing, communications, public/trade media relations, segmentation, monetization and partnership strategies with related executions, which helped secure over $30 million in funding from the Government of Canada and attract top talent for an independent board of directors, innovation advisory council, full-time management team and regional innovation directors. From May to August 2021, Peter was CFIN's fractional Chief Marketing Officer

  • Marketing team building and leadership summit/workshop for one of North America's largest food brands - July to Sept 2021: Included over 20 one-on-one pre-workshop interviews; individual and team surveys including team dynamics assessments and reports; team outing and team-building exercises; long-term brand category and organizational strategy development exercises; and graphic recording.

  • Global Summit Plant Powered Menus - Nov 12-13, 2019 - Toronto:  Produced by Ideovation, this inaugural Summit was an exclusive gathering of foodservice leaders and their suppliers diving into new plant-inspired trends, ideas, strategies and innovative ingredients. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, future Plant-Powered Summits have been put on hold.

  • Ontario Ingredients for Success: Together with a major food distributor, 6 Ontario producer associations (representing 30,000 farmers), 3 Ontario academic institutions and hundreds of Ontario foodservice operators, Ideovation led the design and implementation of a campaign to help foodservice operators (chains and independents) promote their use of local ingredients.  

  • Research paper on Canada’s Innovation Ecosystem in Support of Food & Beverage Processors for the Government of Canada.  Findings and outlook presented at an innovation forum, which included federal and provincial government representatives, as well as select industry and academic stakeholders.

  • Research and strategy design for a leading North American Food & Beverage Innovation Centre.

  • Co-creation of a "Sustainability Innovation Centre" business model concept for a large conservation authority and public private partnership. The Centre is designed to make it easier for North American IC&I organizations (and the region) to pilot, adopt and propagate clean technologies.  The comprehensive project involved semi-structured interviews with: senior leaders in Sustainability/CSR, Finance, Clean Tech and Eco solution providers; round table workshop; model design; and presentations.

  • CEO-Forum for progressive medium-size food and beverage processors.

  • Adviser to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada on commercialization of select patents.

  • Championed re-branding of a Canadian producer and processor association with deep interconnected roots into the fabric of food culture. 

  • Marketing and global growth strategies for innovative new products and technologies.


About Peter Henderson

Before starting Ideovation, Peter's work included the who's who of Canadian food and beverage brands, including:  Nestle, Stouffers, Catelli, Healthy Harvest, Classico, McCain, Buy BC, BC Wine Institute and Lynch Foods.  Peter helped develop hundreds of new products, brands and categories, generating over $100 million in profit.

Peter has always had a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and good public policy.

In 2013, Peter designed and taught a new 14 week course on Culinary Innovation at Niagara College. The course introduced 3rd year Culinary Innovation and Food Technology students to all aspects of strategic product innovation; from how to uncover insights and generate worthwhile ideas, through to understanding the customer's, end-user's, and consumer's experience with the brand and product.

Peter was a Director on the board of the Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) from 2013 to 2019. AMI's mandate was to help enhance business management practices within Ontario's agri-businesses and food & beverage processors; including leadership, innovation and collaboration.

Peter has curated, emceed and spoken at events, such as:

  • Global Summit Plant Powered Menus in Toronto

  • "Local Food Innovation Symposium" at University of Guelph

  • Ontario Dairy Council "The Process of Successful Innovation"

  • SIAL-Montreal "Lead with Health, Sustainability and Innovation to Drive Profitable Growth"

  • American Marketing Association - Toronto "Socially Conscious Brands Build Customer Appeal and Profits"

  • SIAL-Toronto "How to Lead with Innovation in a Competitive Foodservice Market"

  • Conference Board of Canada's Canadian Food Summit in 2013. "Driving Sustainable Food Systems through Regional and Culinary Innovation"

Click here for more information on recent events, presentations and panels.  


Since 2015, Peter has written over 30 articles on Rethinking Innovation for Food in Canada magazine.

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