Ideovation Events (Conferences, Forums, Roundtables)


We curate, host, and moderate events or panels, to fuel strategic engagement and collaboration on challenging subjects. 

B2B Research


We uncover breakthroughs, via secondary research, on-line surveys, semi-structured interviews and events.


Growth Strategy and Brand design

We design customer-centric business models/brands, and platforms to accelerate sustainable and healthy growth!

Management Training & Certification Programs 


We are in the process of developing a management training program.  Stay tuned!

Below are examples of services provided:


  • Situation analysis with semi-structured one-on-one or group interviews (internal and/or external)

  • Business, category, and market research

  • Business-to-business focus groups

  • Brand and competitive reviews

  • Strength, Capabilities, Threats & Opportunities review

  • Re-define and re-vision products and brands

  • Cost reduction review

  • Innovation team building and alignment

  • Marketing/product concept plan facilitation

  • Ideation/innovation roundtables or think tank sessions

  • team alignment

  • Building teams and partnerships to implement transformations

Deliverables can include a combination of the following:


  • Engaging events - rewarded participants

  • Research reports

  • Business model designs/concept in an ecosystem context

  • Brand and marketing strategies, supported with trends and evidence-based research

  • New product, customer, channel and market opportunities

  • Brand naming and positioning

  • A new approach to collaboration and continuous innovation

  • Empowered teams and alignment of teams with corporate brand promise

  • New growth partnerships

  • Profitable and sustainable growth

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